Sunday, February 8, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Sunday morning breakfast has always been a very important tradition in my adult life. There is just something comforting about a big breakfast on Sunday morning... a cup of coffee, the newspaper, a great restaurant, and no agenda.

Sunday morning breakfast started when my son Justin was just a baby and continued on over all these years.. Justin is almost 19. Keith and I developed our relationship together over Sunday morning breakfast. Our boys, Jamie and Justin, were just in high school. Keith took his son Jamie out for breakfast on Sunday mornings and I took my son Justin out for breakfast. The boys were buddies and we thought it would be a good idea to breakfast together. What fun our little dysfunctional family had on Sunday mornings.... we laughed so hard that our stomach's hurt. Well the boys are getting older and are not always around to have breakfast with us. The memories linger, the laughter fades a little, but Keith and I still have amazing Sunday morning breakfasts together... maybe a little quieter but certainly still a lot of fun.

Enjoy our pictures!

One happy and stuffed Flamingo - Cathy