Friday, August 29, 2008

A Time to Celebrate

September is National Stamping Month, and to celebrate we’re off ering two exquisite Close To My Heart My Acrylix® stamp
sets from now through September 30 at substantial savings—or even FREE! The elegant new My Acrylix Friendship Alphabet
Large stamp set and the new My Acrylix Friendship Alphabet Small stamp set are perfectly suited for all your stamping needs.
The E-size My Acrylix Friendship Alphabet Large stamp set (retail value $34.95) and the C-size My Acrylix
Friendship Alphabet Small stamp set (retail value $18.95) may be earned in one of these ways:
• When you spend $125, you get the set FREE (CC1000-1B).
• When you spend $75, you can purchase the set for $15 (CC1000-1A).
Be sure to join the stamping phenomenon during National Stamping Month in September with these irresistible
My Acrylix stamp sets.
Flamingo Smiles~ Cathy

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Time for a Close To My Heart Party!

I was up late last night stamping my party invitations. Just thought I'd let you read the invitation this morning.

WOOHOO! Come on In! It's An Open House!

Hi! My name is Cathy Bambek or formerly known as Cathy Grumbir. I lived in Citrus County for 10 years and I left for Michigan a number of years ago.... but I'm back!!!
I've been teaching scrapbooking, stamping and paper crafts for a company called Close To My Heart for about five years now. So I'm gathering up all my old friends and some new ones to come to an
Open House at my house in Pine Ridge.

Do you like to scrapbook or wondered how to begin? Make cards to save money? Make some great “Wowee” project to enjoy or give to a friend? Well I can definitely show you how to make it faster, simpler, easier with Close To My Heart.

Take this invitation and pass it along to all your friends and family and come to my house on:
Thursday, September 18th from 7pm - 9pm.

I am so anxious to see all of my old friends and to make some new ones. Please don't be shy and swing on by to say “Hi” and I will show you how to become scrap happy in Florida with some food, fun, prizes and a great take home hands on project! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Please RSVP because I'd love to hear from you!

See you soon!
Cathy or also known as Close To My Heart's “Fabulous Flamingo”!
PS Bring a friend and receive a free gift!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There is nothing like a good friendship. The memories that you share from a time in your lives are yours... it's something that not a soul can take away. I spent a day making more memories with an old friend. Lucie and I go way back... I was in First Grade and she was in Kindergarten.... like I said.... way back! She wore pig tails and glasses and I wore pony tails. We were inseparable.... sisters! She is a part of who I am today.
We met in Tarpon Springs, FL yesterday and had a great day boating, catching up (it's been about 10 years since we've seen one another), laughing and eating. We still have many of the same characteristics, that's probably what brought us together in the first place. Oh and she brought me a wonderful gift from Bath and Body Works.... her favorite fragrance.... Coconut Lime Verbena....of course it would be her favorite fragrance because it's mine too! Well I'm probably boring you with all the friendship dribble, but oh what a great day we had so I just had to share.
I will leave you with one thought:
Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things" Author Unknown.
Go do a Flamingo dance with one of your BFF's today! Cathy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peek into my scrapbook closet

It's about time...

Well it's about time... says the manatee! Tropical Storm Fay is finally moving out. We are all happy! We actually had some sunshine in the Sunshine State today.

It's been a lazy day... we went to breakfast and I brainstormed, over a cup of coffee of course, about my next Close To My Heart open house. It will be a time of fun and friendship... I'm so excited! I will keep you posted and let you know all the details just in case you want to come. It will be some time in September.

Well got to run... a feel a swim in my future.

Flamingo and Manatee smiles to you! Cathy

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Scrapbook!

Oh I'm just so excited! I started a new scrapbook! I've been working forever on a scrapbook for my son Justin... "is it finished?" you ask. No but it's getting pretty close. We just recently moved back to Florida and I thought what a great time to start brand new. So here is page 1. Keith (my honey) took the picture of the flowers growing outside of our screened porch and Voila! I've made a commitment to keep up with current events in our life and not fall behind on this scrapbook... let's say it's one of my goals. I've set quite a few goals for myself over the past week. I'm not ready to share quite yet... maybe in a couple of days.

Well it looks as though Tropical Storm Fay is moving out... it's heading across the panhandle. We haven't seen the sun in over a week... I can hardly wait to get rid of this storm! I know it's reeked havoc all across the state... we are so fortunate that we live high and dry.

Well got to run and start the day.

Sending you Flamingo Smiles - Cathy

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rainy day dreams....

What a day! Tropical storm Fay has been sitting on top of the state of Florida for about 5 days. It has been raining horribly all day and I just feel bad for all those living on the water. The picture is of apartments next to Crackers in Crystal River. This was this morning... high tide was scheduled for 6pm. I'm so glad we live inland... all we had to do was let about 6 inches of water out of the pool.
So I decided today was the perfect rainy day to start something new... blogging! I thought this would be a fabulous way to keep in touch with my customers, my downline, friends and family. This of course will be a work in progress, so stick with me I promise it will get better.

Flamingo Smiles,