Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Scrapbook!

Oh I'm just so excited! I started a new scrapbook! I've been working forever on a scrapbook for my son Justin... "is it finished?" you ask. No but it's getting pretty close. We just recently moved back to Florida and I thought what a great time to start brand new. So here is page 1. Keith (my honey) took the picture of the flowers growing outside of our screened porch and Voila! I've made a commitment to keep up with current events in our life and not fall behind on this scrapbook... let's say it's one of my goals. I've set quite a few goals for myself over the past week. I'm not ready to share quite yet... maybe in a couple of days.

Well it looks as though Tropical Storm Fay is moving out... it's heading across the panhandle. We haven't seen the sun in over a week... I can hardly wait to get rid of this storm! I know it's reeked havoc all across the state... we are so fortunate that we live high and dry.

Well got to run and start the day.

Sending you Flamingo Smiles - Cathy

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Missgingerdots said...

Cathy- I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG! It is so you!