Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's Get Together!

Now that the holidays are drawing near I always get a little more sentimental. I think of old family traditions, the people that have come and gone from my life and all the fun times from years gone by. When families and friends get together it's almost always around food at the dinner table or around the buffet counter.

So what better way to document these great momories than with a recipe album. So when Aunt Mary comes to your door at Christmas with her famous Angel Pie... snap a picture of her and the pie and have her jot down her recipe in your Close To My Heart Recipe Book. It's a memory and a recipe that will be cherished forever!

Sentimental Flamingo ~ Cathy

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh My Goodness!

So just a few short months ago my dear son Justin had some long locks of hair. He has had long hair for years and it became part of his identity. He was definitely easy to spot at Graduation!

Well he got up one morning this week and went to the local barber and look what he looks like now! Can you believe he cut his long curly locks! It's kind of fun to see him with short hair.

Well just had to share this life altering event with all of you.

One surprised Flamingo ~ Cathy

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frosty Friends....

Many of you have asked if I have a favorite Winter stamp set. I have put a lot of thought into that and the answer would be "Frosty Friends"! That question got me thinking about a new project for Christmas. I love our little 3 x 3 scrapbooks too so I just had to create something with both these items in mind.

Here you go! Frosty friends, on and in a 3 x 3 album... a little prisma glitter to bring those little snowmen buddies to life and voila! A fun little album to keep or to give to someone special. What a great little album for a teacher, a mom, a boss.... or just for yourself! Come to my "Workshop at the Hut" on November 4th and I can show you how to create this fun little album. I can also show you how to order more of these great albums because they make great Christmas don't miss out!

Flamingo Smiles ~ Cathy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Christmas Cards...

DONE! My Christmas Card Workshop is finished! 16 Cards! I love it and I hope everyone will love it too! We have rustic in Twilight Blue and elegant in Cranberry... Evergreen stamp set and Alfresco stamp set.... two extremes and I love them both! What do you think?
Festive and tired Flamingo ~ Cathy ;)

Christmas is Coming...

...well technically not yet!
If any of you are familiar with Close To My Heart workshops, November is Christmas Time! Woohoo! This week has been quite a busy week. You probably figured that since I've been quite quiet. I have been working diligently on Novembers' workshops. I am having such fun creating for the holidays with all the great holiday paper Close To My Heart has to offer. I have posted a little sneak peak at a few of the Christmas cards we'll be doing at our Christmas Card Workshop. I believe they turned out great! The colors are a little out of my element but I think that's what's caught my eye and got me thinking outside the box.
I have a lot of fun workshops coming up over the next couple of weeks and November is going to Rock! Ho! Ho! Ho! Check back often to see what I've been creating.

The Festive Flamingo ~ Cathy ;)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not Your Ordinary Scrapbook Pages

Critters! Yikes! Let me start by saying I'm not crazy about critters. Actually I can't stand touching them. I do actually love to watch them from a distance... oh and maybe snap a picture or two.

Since arriving back to Florida... we have become reacquainted with all the local varmitts.... oh how I've missed them so! Yes I have! I missed the sun, the warmth and even the varmitts!

So I have put my family on a mission... you see a Florida critter you get the picture. They have done a fabulous job getting some remarkable shots. My favorite is the one of our "Gate Keeper" and his name is "Godfrey the Gopher Turtle". Oh did I forget to mention we've named them all as well.

Here are all their names:

  • Godfrey the gopher turtle

  • Ted the tree frog

  • Lizi the lizard

  • Fred the spider and door keeper (now Fred may be a girl... but how would one know? He keeps all the bees away from the front door)

  • Buttercup the butterfly

  • Daryl the Dragonfly (he generally brings his brothers... if you ever watched Bob Newhart many moons ago you will remember Larry and his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl... that memory still makes me laugh!)

  • Molly the moth.

So there you go... you have now met my Florida extended family.... critters and all!

Flamingo Laughter ~ Cathy