Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not Your Ordinary Scrapbook Pages

Critters! Yikes! Let me start by saying I'm not crazy about critters. Actually I can't stand touching them. I do actually love to watch them from a distance... oh and maybe snap a picture or two.

Since arriving back to Florida... we have become reacquainted with all the local varmitts.... oh how I've missed them so! Yes I have! I missed the sun, the warmth and even the varmitts!

So I have put my family on a mission... you see a Florida critter you get the picture. They have done a fabulous job getting some remarkable shots. My favorite is the one of our "Gate Keeper" and his name is "Godfrey the Gopher Turtle". Oh did I forget to mention we've named them all as well.

Here are all their names:

  • Godfrey the gopher turtle

  • Ted the tree frog

  • Lizi the lizard

  • Fred the spider and door keeper (now Fred may be a girl... but how would one know? He keeps all the bees away from the front door)

  • Buttercup the butterfly

  • Daryl the Dragonfly (he generally brings his brothers... if you ever watched Bob Newhart many moons ago you will remember Larry and his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl... that memory still makes me laugh!)

  • Molly the moth.

So there you go... you have now met my Florida extended family.... critters and all!

Flamingo Laughter ~ Cathy

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