Sunday, July 12, 2009

Circle Cards - Endless Love!

So I was sitting at my scrapbook table last night trying to get inspired. I checked some of my favorite blogs and found the greatest inspirations. My friend Tina, who this card is for, displayed some of her adorable circle cards.... so I thought, how cute is that... endless love! OK get out the circle cutter! Now I'm thinking what colors do I use... Cathy, get out of your box and do something different. Well Jeannette Lynton, founder of Close To My Heart, was bringing the outside in with colors like clover meadow, heavenly blue, and bamboo. THAT'S IT!

So this cute little circle card is born. Dear Tina, if you see this post just know your adorable circle card is in the mail.... luv ya!

Inspired Flamingo ~ Cathy

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