Sunday, November 9, 2008

Creative Time in the midst of beauty...

The weekend is here and partially complete. It's early Sunday morning and I just love the early morning quiet time that I have when my family is asleep. I perk up some wonderful coffee... let the dog out and enjoy the beautiful serene morning. Like most of you know I have recently moved back to Florida and what a blessing that has been. I find myself renewed and rejuvenated.... I love Florida! The weather is amazing! In the fall the sky becomes this deep deep blue that we just rarely saw while living in the Midwest. I tried to capture the beauty this morning from my backyard. I think I didn't thoroughly appreciate things until they were taken away, now that it's restored, I am doing the Flamingo Happy Dance!

So during my quiet weekend time I love to create. I was looking at my boring Rolodex and thought of it as a blank canvas. This is what I came up with. Now when I reach to call someone this little creative thing will bring a smile to my face and remind me what a blessing my creative time is.

Thankful Flamingo ~ Cathy

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Missgingerdots said...

That is STINKIN' cute! Your girlfriends would love one of these for Christmas!!!!

Big smiles!