Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving those all important French Fry Bags....

I do have a funny story to share this morning. A few months ago we moved back to Florida from Michigan. Now, if any of you have ever moved before, what an ordeal that is! By the time you're done packing you're just about ready to throw everything away! You're exhausted, crabby and you just want to get the heck out of there.

Well, as my honey was loading the truck, there was a small box ready to go on the truck and it was labelled french fry bags... needless to say my honey said "what on earth is this!" I don't think he posed it quite that nicely but you get the drift. I told him it was my box of french fry bags that I use for my Close To My Heart business. For those of you that don't know... they are plain white and I usually random stamp the bag. They are ready to use as little bags for candy or in today's case I stamped them with Cottage Floral and my guests can eat some popcorn out of them... so how cool is that!

So the moral of the story is "The next time you're packing and getting ready for a move... don't forget to pack the french fry bags 'cuz you never know when you'll need 'em!"

Flamingo laughter~ Cathy

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